19. April 2016
790 ½ presented with RED DOT AWARD & VPA Excellent Certificate
Hardly on the market and already it’s raking in the awards: the new 790½ fro...

9. March 2016
Give a special gift with PICARD
PICARD is offering high-quality, enhanced tools in appealing packaging for many ...

1. March 2016
PICARD makes it light as well: the new 590 ½ and 790 ½
PICARD is again proving its closeness to customers, this time by extending its p...

3. September 2015
Fairs and Tradeshows with PICARD 2015/2016
Meet PICARD here:

1. September 2015
Informative: The PICARD Newsletter 01/2015
This issue again covers a wide area and offers its readers a great deal of infor...


Picard Tools have been on the market since 1857 and this stands for 150 years of specialising in hammer manufacturing. Innovation, experience and craftsmanship of our staff carry the success of the company. We have always kept pace with new developments and adapted to new processes: improved steel, more effective possibilities of manufacturing and precise control processes have continuously improved the manufacturing.

And that’s how we make our top quality products. Today we produce in 4th generation tools which satisfy the high demands of the professional user. Customer satisfaction is therefore our most important objective.

Some Products have a different design for the North American Market

Our current documents
PICARD catalogue 201413.6 Mb (pdf)

All PICARD products classified clearly by product and occupation group.

The new ones in the range417 Kb (pdf)

Both of the new hammers provide the robustness of their sister models, but with a lighter weight.

Steel and long-handle tools1.45 Mb (pdf)

full assortment overview covering all of PICARD’s all-steel and long-handle tools in both German and English.

Special gifts and packaging485 Kb (pdf)

Enhanced tools in appealing packaging for many occasions

PICARD SecuTec(r) brochure966 Kb (pdf)

The new safety standard for hammer