3. May 2017
As of 1 July 2017, Erwin Halder KG from Bronnen/Achstetten, near Ulm, is going to acquire Joh. Hermann PICARD GmbH & Co. KG and the fully integrated subsidiary RUTHE Hammerfabrik GmbH & Co. KG and transfer them jointly into the new company PICARD GmbH.

11. April 2017
PICARD has done it again and wrested new fields of application from the world’s oldest tool.

7. January 2017
PICARD wishes all of its partners, employees and friends a healthy and successful 2017.

7. December 2016
PICARD grants fascinating insights into its production area on the PICARD Channel.

1. September 2016
The PICARD Chisel Hammer No. 304 1/2 with two functions

19. April 2016
Hardly on the market and already it’s raking in the awards: the new 790½ from PICARD.

9. March 2016
PICARD is offering high-quality, enhanced tools in appealing packaging for many occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries and exams.

1. March 2016
PICARD is again proving its closeness to customers, this time by extending its product assortment for roofers and carpenters by adding two more high-quality products.

3. September 2015
Meet PICARD here:

1. September 2015
This issue again covers a wide area and offers its readers a great deal of information from the world of PICARD hammers:

29. January 2015
In the year’s second issue you will find the review of the trade fair and interesting background information from PICARD.

9. May 2014
As the successor to Klaus Braun, who is retiring after 36 years with the company, Daniel Gasperi assumed overall responsibility for marketing as of 1 May 2014.

19. March 2014
In the current issue you will find out more about PICARD’s two-brand strategy.

10. March 2014
With SecuTec®, PICARD is going well beyond the DIN standards and is offering an unprecedented degree of fastening safety in the bond between the head and the handle

26. February 2014
Starting today, our customers have at their disposal a full assortment overview covering all of PICARD’s all-steel and long-handle tools in both German and English.

4. December 2013
From 4 November to 8 December 2013 Paris hosted the BATIMAT, which is now one of Europe’s most significant trade fairs in the field of building, crafts and trades.

4. September 2013
The new edition of the newsletter is available and provides topical information from PICARD

16. August 2013
46-year-old Torsten Stauf has been operations manager at Joh. Hermann Picard...

29. May 2013
The PICARD Newsletter 1/2013 is available as from now.

30. April 2013
Together with the readers of the trade journal BAUMETALL, PICARD is again looking for the *Masterpieces of the Year*.

8. January 2013
As from today, the Picard Sets for construction craftsmanship have returned. These popular packages provide a combination of quality products under attractive conditions.

1. December 2012
The research association Forschungsgemeinschaft Werkzeuge und Werkstoffe e.V., or FGW for short, is a central institution in the tools and cutlery industry

30. October 2012
PICARD has been working successfully with the local workshops for people with disabilities for many years now

15. August 2012
For professionals in the field of premium-quality woodworking there is now an absolute highlight to enjoy. Two professional tools from the quality leaders are part of the set:

8. July 2012
Once again, the PICARD / RUTHE Hammer team participated in the company run in the ´Bergisches Land´ region.

8. May 2012
The PICARD price list for 2012 has not only been given a full visual overhaul; it can be ordered right away and is also available immediately online for you to browse elegantly through.

2. May 2012
New Paving Maul by Picard

5. April 2012
The 3-component handle of Picard’s new club hammer guarantees a precise grip for safe work.

1. March 2012
From now Daniel Gasperi (36) supports the Picard Team.

10. June 2010
Griffikus – PICARD retrofits pavers and has assembled a special range for it.

22. February 2010
The new spades with fibre-glass handle expand the range

15. December 2009
The first tiler´s hammer with a two component grip and a hard metal head-setting distinguishes by offering numerous functional details and ergonomic aspects.

1. July 2009
The new 590th, a solid steel hammer with a 2-component grip handle

1. January 1970
Starting today, our customers have at their disposal a full assortment overview covering all of PICARD’s all-steel and long-handle tools in both German and English.