Johann Hermann Picard founded his company in the old forge in the typically half - timbered house of the Bergische Land. Even in those days, tools for smiths, plumbers and locksmiths were being produced, including all sorts of hammers and plate shears. A range that with the exception of the plate shears can still be found being produced today.

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gründete Johann Hermann Picard sein Unternehmen in der alten Schmiede im typischen Bergischen Fachwerk. Gefertigt wurden schon damals Werkzeuge für Schmiede, Klempner und Schlosser, darunter alle Sorten Hämmer und Blechscheren. Ein Programm, das mit Ausnahme der Blechscheren weitestgehend auch heute noch gefertigt wird.

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Als der Sohn des Gründers, der ebenfalls Johann Hermann Picard hieß, das Unternehmen übernahm, kamen als Energiespender Dampf, Gas und Strom hinzu. So konnte er vom Hand- zum Gesenkschmieden und zur maschinellen Verarbeitung übergehen und erreichte somit den Anschluß an die weitere technische Entwicklung.


When the son of the founder, whose also was named Johann Hermann Picard, took over the company, the use of steam, gas and electricity as sources of energy was introduced. He was then able to go from forging by hand to drop forging and mechanical processing and was thereby able to utilise further technical developments.


Already in the 1920s, under the management of the 2nd and 3rd generation of owners, 20 specialists were already forging and producing first-class tools that were even then very popular with all craftsmen.


The 3rd and 4th generation of owners, of the PICARD family celebrated the company’s centenary. The continuing development of the company had been achieved by combining modern technology and craftsmanship. A PICARD guarantee of highquality products.


After almost 150 years, the company is still privately owned by the PICARD family. Even if the production methods and the management are now conducted in a substantially more modern way, the same high standards of quality have remained as with all PICARD generations.

In the area called „Rottsiepen“ in Cronenberg, where the old PICARD forge in the half-timbered house once stood, the new modern production and administration facilities have continually grown and nestle harmoniously in the beautiful landscape.


Joh. Hermann Picard GmbH & Co. KG, together with its wholly-owned subsidiary, Ruthe Hammerfabrik GmbH & Co. KG, is taken over by Erwin Halder KG in Achstetten near Ulm.

Picard and Ruthe will be transferred to the newly founded Picard GmbH and the production in Wuppertal-Cronenberg will be continued and expanded after the successful takeover.

The assortment of Halder, PICARD and RUTHE brands is almost non-overlapping and includes the complete range of impact tools.