Safety Information

Picard GmbH guarantees that your products are of the best possible quality. However, all users of tools should comply with a number of rules that protect you from damage and facilitate the longest possible use of those tools. You will find the most important safety instructions for the use of hammers here.

  • When working, wear safety goggles and protective gloves.
  • Only use the hammers for the purpose intended.
  • Do not use the hammers as a lever.
  • Select the type and size of hammer that suits the work to be carried out.
  • Before and during work, check that the hammer head is securely attached to the hammer shaft.
  • Only use the working surfaces of the hammer.
  • Striking with the lateral surfaces may damage the unhardened hammer eye and compromise the secure fit of the shaft.
  • Never strike two hammers together and never strike steel hammers on workpieces that are harder than 46 HRC – for such purposes, use a suitable soft-face hammer.
  • Avoid bouncing strikes.
  • Do not use any hammer that has a burr on the face or edge.
  • In areas where there is a risk of explosion, only hammers with the corresponding approval may be used.
  • Do not store hammers with wooden shafts in environments that are too warm, too dry or too moist. As a natural product, wood loses its moisture and shrinks or swells, which damages the fi bres. Both can compromise the fi t of the shaft.
  • Only use the correct Picard replacement shafts and wedges.